The global population currently stands at over 7 billion; and is projected to reach 8 billion by 2025. The challenge for the food and agriculture segment is how to produce sufficient food for the growing population in a sustainable manner that doesn’t degrade limited resources. At Nutrinsic, we ask how we can better utilize the food resources that we already have. Specifically, our technology enables the upcycling of nutrients that are currently lost in food and beverage plant waste water, or underutilized in biofuel processes, with the potentially added benefit of providing clean effluent. We use the upcycled nutrients to create a high quality single cell protein called ProFloc™ for use in animal feeds and FERTELLIGENT™, a pet friendly, people friendly, planet friendly fertilizer. This creates a win/win situation for food, beverage and biofuel processors (by reducing their expenses and eliminating their need to dispose of sludge) and society (by adding a source of sustainable protein and reducing GHG emissions).

Our Vision
To make a significant contribution toward meeting the expanding protein needs of future generations in a sustainable manner.
Our Mission
To find and transform underutilized nutrients into a valuable source of food.

“ProFloc™ is a dried bacterial-based meal produced by a controlled aerobic fermentation process from nutrients discharged from food manufacturing and brewing plants. The nutritional profile of ProFloc™ has been optimized during the fermentation process so as to maximize crude protein and amino acid content.

ProFloc™ is a good source of crude protein (averaging 63%, as-fed basis), essential & non-essential amino acids, and nucleotides. In particular, it is a rich source of the essential amino acids tryptophan 0.98%, threonine 3.11%, and tyrosine 2.83%, and a good to moderate source of taurine 0.25%, valine 3.52%, phenylalanine 3.29%, leucine 5.06%, Isoleucine 3.38%, lysine 4.34%, and methionine 1.41%. In general, ProFloc™ has a superior and more balanced essential amino acid profile compared with terrestrial protein meals and plant protein concentrates.

ProFloc™ is also a rich source of several biologically important compounds, including coenzyme Q10, vitamin B12, and a good source of available minerals and trace elements.

In my opinion ProFloc™ will make a solid contribution as a sustainable feed protein for aquaculture and terrestrial animal production.”