featured3 - 5 of the weirdest fitness trends to hit the exercise scene during 2017

5 of the weirdest fitness trends to hit the exercise scene during 2017

The fitness revolution of the past few decades

The fitness industry seemed to boom in the 80’s with the introduction of lycra, leotards and leg warmers.  We saw the rise of the aerobic trend which swept across the globe influencing movies such as Heavenly Bodies, Perfect, Flashdance and the dawn of the fitness videos with the likes of Jane Fonda leading the way!  These different aerobics trends spawned new ones such as dancer-size, step, Pilates ball, aqua-aerobics.  Today we look at some of the newer more alternative trends that sprung up in 2017!


5 of the weirdest fitness trends to arise in 2017:

#1 Mermaid swimming
This one is every little girl’s and probably big girls dream too, I mean who doesn’t want to sport a mermaid’s tail in a bright color and swish through the water like the little mermaid?

Not only do you get to be a mermaid for an hour, but you get some serious core, swimming, dance and interval training that will have you fit in no time.


#2 Skateboard Pilates
For a truly great Pilates workout that puts your core strength and balance to the ultimate test, skateboard Pilates work out is sure to just that.  Sculpting a beautiful body through a strong solid foundation as you stretch, crunch and lift through strenuous Pilates exercises if you looking for a challenge you should definitely look into skateboard Pilates.


#3 Crawling
Crawling is one of the foundation building blocks to a lot more than babies need to get around.
It falls into the same category as running, jumping, skipping, being able to balance etc.

Crawling helps with your basic fundamental movements and is good for your shoulders, hips in a full range of motion whilst working all your core muscles.


#4 Clubbercise
Get a workout in a club-like environment where you get to dance like you were on a night out at a club whilst burning those calories and toning your body.


#5 Kangoo
We all love to jump and with Kangoo you get to do so in some really whacky shoes like the Kangoo Jumps.  An exercise which as the name implies was inspired by the movements of a Kangaroo.  This exercise improves your balance, is fun and you can burn between 25 to 50 percent more calories per work out.  What better way to shape up than bouncing around like a Kangaroo!


YouTube is filled with fun videos of each of these exercises, but it is always best to try rather try any new fitness regime under the strict guidance of an experienced instructor and always check with your health caregiver if the exercise is suitable for you.