featured4 - Know the difference, health benefits and origins of these 5 popular yoga styles!

Know the difference, health benefits and origins of these 5 popular yoga styles!

The many different forms of yoga

For anyone who has looked into wanting to take up yoga, you would have by now found out just how many different styles there are to be had out there.
It can be confusing and a bit daunting, enough so as to put you off giving it a try.  We at Nutrinsic have listed 5 if the better known and more popular styles to grace our various gyms and yoga studios.


An overview and differences between 5 popular styles of yoga

#1 Bikram
Named after Bikram Choudhury the developer of the Bikram yoga class and similar to Ashtanga this style of yoga is done in a heated yoga studio and follows a set sequence of twenty-six poses and is one of the most popular styles of yoga.  As with any exercise, you should always have a bottle of water and towel handy, as this class is like doing yoga in a moderate sauna you really should not forget to hydrate!


#2 Ashtanga
Ashtanga was introduced to the western world by K. Pattabhi Jois during the seventies and is a strenuous series, depending on a person’s progress, that follows a specific set of sequences.  One movement flows into another on a breath, it is an intense, both physically and mentally demanding practice which is still going strong and quite popular still today.


#3 Hot Yoga
Primarily the same as Bikram yoga but as they do not follow the Bikram sequence and must therefore according to a rule filed by Bikram, have to trade under another name, not one associated in any way to Bikram yoga so the yoga became known as hot yoga.  Once again as the name implies the room is heated to quite a warm temperature as you exercise so one must keep hydrated!


#4 Iyengar
B.K.S. Iyengar founded this yoga style which is performed with items such straps, harnesses, bands, blocks and incline boards to get your body into a perfect position.  This is a yoga that is good for all abilities and age groups.  It is not an easy discipline and focuses on the precise body alignment techniques.


#5 Yin Yoga
This is a slow steady paced yoga style that focuses on holding poses for longer periods of time.  It is about applying a moderate amount of stress pressure to the tendons, ligaments and connective tissues.  It takes on a meditative approach to yoga encouraging one to focus on the inner-self quiet.  Teachings of this style of yoga in the Western world came about in the 70’s and was introduced by a martial arts expert Paulie Zink.


info2 - Know the difference, health benefits and origins of these 5 popular yoga styles!
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Yoga is a form of exercise that can be enjoyed by all age groups it has many benefits to one’s mind, body and soul!  Always be sure you are able to fully participate in and do the exercises before attempting them.  Should you have any injuries or disabilities you must ensure you let your instructor know so they can help advise on an alternative way to perform a pose!