featured5 - 5 health benefits of the king of medical mushrooms, Chaga!

5 health benefits of the king of medical mushrooms, Chaga!

What is Chaga?

Chaga, which is scientifically known as inonotus obliquus is basically a parasitical fungus that is found mostly on birch trees.  It resembles a burnt corky type spongy mass commonly referred to as a conk.  Found in quite a few places around the world such as America, Russia, Korea, Eastern Europe, Alaska, Canada and Japan.  The fungus causes a rot called a white heart rot which poisons and spreads through tree this decay can last in a living tree from around ten to up to eighty odd years.

5 health benefits of Chaga

#1 Boost and protect the immune system
The Chaga mushrooms help to boost the immune systems ability to fight pathogens as Chaga extract potentially increases the production of the immune cells called IL-6 and lymphocyte B.  In animal studies the extract helped in reducing the hypersensitivity of the immune system protecting the body against cardiac shock from a bad allergic reaction.


#2 Can improve Diabetic health
The Chaga extract has been seen to reduce various symptoms of diabetes cutting down on the risk of the various complication caused by the disease.  In studies done on diabetic mice certain extracts of Chaga were shown to reduce high blood glucose levels and the effects it has on the body.  It has also been seen to be able to slow the absorption rate of carbohydrates as it inhibits the alpha-glucosidase molecule.  This anti-diabetic effect of the Chaga mushroom is readily increased if it is combined with vanadium.


#3 Dangerous blood clot protection
When blood cells clump together they can cause what is known as platelet aggregation.  Platelet aggregation can potentially cause blood clots in veins which in turn can lead to a stroke or a heart attack.  Some tests done with Chaga extracts have been shown to significantly inhibit platelet aggregation in some animal studies and is believed to be able to treat the formation of thrombus.


#4 Have been used for centuries as a form of pain relief and anti-inflammatory
Chaga has been known to significantly reduce the sensation of pain and swelling as such it has been used for many generations as a pain relief and anti-inflammatory.


#5 May suppress the progression of cancer
Some human studies with the Chaga extract showed that the extract aided in reducing the growth of colon and liver cancer.  It was seen to reduce only the growth of the cancer cells and not the growth of any other cells.
In a controlled group of the Chaga extract not only stopped the spread of cancer to other parts of the body but it reduced the tumor size by sixty percent in animals with lung cancer.



Chaga should be used with caution and under medical supervision in patients that suffer from diseases such as Diabetes, or are on any blood thinners or have known kidney problems as continued used of the extract can cause blood sugars to fall dangerously low for diabetics, can increase the risk of bleeding for patients on blood thinners and cause kidney failure in those with renal diseases.