Nutrinsic is thinking about the future. We are committed to meeting the expanding protein needs of future generations in an economically and environmentally sustainable way.

Our patented process is unique. Our protein harvest system extracts valuable nutrients from existing resources (waste) rather than relying on the creation of a new infrastructure. The underutilized nutrients from food, beverage and biofuel processors are transformed into a valuable protein source for animals and an equally important by-product, clean water.
Superior Quality, Sustainable, Functional, Cost Effective, Versatile

Nutrinsic’s patented process and approach to sustainability creates an “everybody wins” solution for buyers of its protein, food, beverage and biofuel processors, and the environment. It is a true sustainability solution, not just because of its environmental benefits, but because it is economically viable as well. Nutrinsic can deliver on the promise of upcycled nutrition. Learn why Nutrinsic is the future of nutrition:

Food and Beverage Processors:

By recovering nutrients, we help food, beverage and biofuel processors deliver clean water to the environment and eliminate the need to dispose of waste. This process creates an environmentally and economically sustainable source of premium protein for animal nutrition.

Key Benefits to you:

  • Elimination of costs – no disposal of wet sludge and reduction in electricity cost for aerating basins
  • Reduced management burden – Nutrinsic will assure effluent quality and there’s no record keeping for sludge disposal
  • Avoided capital in the future – for alternative sludge disposal methods (e.g. anaerobic digestion)
  • Improved environmental image – cleaner water effluent, no sludge odor complaints, reduced GHG emissions and conservation of natural resources—sustainability

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Protein Purchasers:

Nutrinsic protein products have the potential to address the many food challenges our planet faces today and into the future. We provide high quality and cost effective protein that is versatile and environmentally sustainable.

Key Benefits to you:

  • Superior Quality – highly digestible clean protein, vitamins and minerals, with a low odor/flavor profile and long shelf life
  • Sustainable – produced from food and beverage nutrients that would otherwise be lost. A sustainable alternative to other plant and animal sources of protein
  • Functional – tested with a number of aquatic and terrestrial animal species with positive results. In each case, the animals grew and thrived.
  • Cost Effective – highly digestible, palatable and readily consumed for faster growth and better feed conversion
  • Versatile – can replace any protein source in animal nutrition applications

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