Our patented process is unique. Our protein harvest system extracts valuable nutrients from existing resources (waste) rather than relying on the creation of a new infrastructure. The underutilized nutrients from food, beverage and biofuel processors are transformed into a valuable protein source for animals and an equally important co-product, clean water.

CHALLENGE: For Food and Beverage Processors, meeting effluent standards and managing the costs and paperwork involved in waste disposal is an unavoidable, distracting and expensive responsibility. For Biofuel Processors, leftover carbohydrates from the fermentation process are underutilized and undervalued.

SOLUTION: Nutrinsic’s proven technology offers a beneficial solution that reduces costs, removes the burden of waste disposal, and upcycles undervalued nutrients.

A Nutrinsic partnership with food and beverage processors effectively eliminates dewatering and disposal costs. Enjoy lower utility bills, and avoid costly capital expenditure in the future – our process generally provides a 20% increase in WWT capacity to accommodate growth. Improve your environmental clout with cleaner effluent, lower GHG emissions, and a clean water output.  Eradicate sludge odors. Free yourself from tedious paperwork and stress around waste disposal, while creating a sustainable source of animal protein.

For biofuel processors, Nutrinsic provides the ability to upcycle the remaining carbohydrates leftover from fermentation to a high quality, high value protein product.

HOW IT WORKS: Nutrinsic will provide the capital, technology and know how to construct a protein harvest system plant at your existing location.  We assume all responsibility for operating and paying for the protein harvest system, as well as elimination of the resulting waste sludge. Nutrinsic will also happily provide effluent quality for your plant.  Partners must agree to allow Nutrinsic to co-locate our plant with their water treatment plant, and continue to maintain operations and cover water treatment expenses as before.

CHALLENGE: Sourcing a high quality and cost effective animal feed that is versatile and environmentally sustainable.

SOLUTION: Nutrinsic upcycles underutilized nutrients from food and beverage processors to create ProFloc™ single cell protein for animal nutrition. With high protein content and a nutritious amino acid profile, ProFloc™ is heat treated to assure safety and is processed under food grade conditions. Low moisture levels result in a longer shelf life, and significant cost savings. Produced daily for freshness, the product has a mild flavor and is highly palatable to animals of all types.

As a functional protein, ProFloc™ has been tested with a number of aquatic and terrestrial animal species with positive results, more studies are underway. In each study the animals grew and thrived and economic parameters such as feed conversion and mortality, were also positive.

ProFloc™ is an environmentally and economically sustainable food source produced from food, beverage and biofuel nutrients that would otherwise be undervalued or lost. This upcycling of nutrients results in a sustainable source of protein that is a cost effective alternative to other plant and animal sources of protein.

Sustainable and cost-effective alternative to fishmeal fertilizer

CHALLENGE: Finding sustainable, organic plant fertilizers that are cost effective.

SOLUTION: FERTELLIGENT™ is sustainably produced, organic, high nitrogen content fertilizer that helps plants to thrive. It is an effective alternative to unsustainably produced fishmeal, which is sold as a high cost fertilizer. Studies have shown that the nutrients in FERTELLIGENT™ are readily available for plant uptake and are released slowly to accommodate prolonged plant health and growth.