Useful Videos

Healthy mind and body is needed in order to perform at your optimum

Nutrinsic has listed some of its favorite videos that can help our readers to achieve a healthier and fitter lifestyle!

Here are a few of our favorite videos to get you into shape

s1 - Useful Videos #1 Tai Chi for Beginners

It is usually better for beginners in anything to take an actual physical class with a trained instruction but sometimes that is just not possible.  This DVD allows a person to reap the many benefits of Tai Chi no matter your level of fitness or shape a person is in.  It has easy step by step, clear concise instructions to follow.  It is a great way to start to improve your balance, calm, flexibility and many more health benefits Tai Chi has to offer one’s mind, body and soul

s2 - Useful Videos#2 Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners

This DVD offers two full-length yoga sessions aimed mainly at beginners.
It demonstrates the most common mistakes make in various yoga poses and how they should be executed.  The instructor (actor) in the video is a former ballet dancer who went to study the Iyengar yoga and teaches workshops, yoga instructors and does various yoga retreats all over the world.


There are many good books and videos on holistic nutrition and good training methods to help shape your new healthier lifestyle.  The trick is to find what best works for you and work on that.  Achieving a helping lifestyle is all about finding your own balance than working towards goals at a pace that suits you as long as you keep challenging yourself and trying to exceed your expectations you will achieve your desired results.